Chicken Lettuce Cup Tacos

These Chicken Lettuce Cup Tacos are a must-try and a great way to get in 26grams of protein! By using romaine lettuce cups instead of tortillas you can also get in a serving of green vegetables packed with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K &  lower the calorie count but of course, you […]

14Day Ab Blast Challenge 2.0 Start Today!

Come Join Us! Our 14DAY AB BLAST CHALLENGE 2.0 is available in our Virtual Gym NOW! Everyone can participate, all the workouts for this challenge are Follow-Along-Style with Options for All Fitness Levels!  Jeanette will motivate you in every workout, through every move, every step of the way with her 30+ years of coaching experience!  Start Making Yourself a Priority! You already have everything you […]

Our 14Day Total Body Blast Starts September 12th

Join us on Monday, September 12th aswe kick off our NEW 14DAY TOTAL BODY BLAST  followed by a NEW 30DAY TOTAL BODY BOOTCAMP starting Saturday, October 1st.  If your looking for workout inspiration or need help getting back on track with regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive mindset or you’re ready to start a new workout program then make the commitment to join […]

Our 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp Starts June 1st

Summer is just around the corner! Join us for our “30 Day Summer Body Bootcamp” in The Hollywood Trainer Club starting Tuesday June 1st! The goal of this bootcamp is to encourage you to be committed and consistent with your workouts and healthy eating and to give you everything you need so you can look great, feel great and function at your best. All of […]

SUMMER SALE! 50% off our Annual Membership!

SUMMER SALE 50% OFF Annual Memberships!  Don’t Miss out! JOIN US TODAY and access our 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp starting on June 1st . Jeanette will be teaching 5 NEW LIVE classes to keep you motivated. All classes are “follow along style” with low impact modifications, all fitness levels welcome.  ❤️Commit to exercising with us in the club for a year & reap […]


We are in week 4 of our 30DAY AB CHALLENGE in The Hollywood Trainer Club! Yes it’s time to take it up a level to maximize your belly fat burning results! The combination of Core Focused Exercises, Cardio and Strength Training will increase your calorie burn while focusing on the core/abdominal muscles. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to commit to 30 […]

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