NEW WORKOUT: Total Body Strength & Cardio with NFL Super Bowl Champ DeMarcus Ware!

New Workout Alert! Get your body moving with this Total Body  Strength + Cardio workout with Jeanette and her All-Star Guest, NFL Super Bowl Champ DeMarcus Ware! I mean, it’s not every day that you can workout with an incredible professional athlete and coach like DeMarcus Ware so press play and enjoy! 

Push, pull and sweat with this 45min workout. This workout starts with a total body warm-up and then we jump write into three 10min circuits so it’s perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced. Advanced students always have the option to repeat each circuit 3x for an extra challenge! Invite your son, husband, boyfriend, uncle or any friend to join you for this fun and effective Total Body Strength + Cardio workout with two dynamic and motivating coaches DeMarcus and Jeanette that love sharing fitness motivation! Double the positive energy!

To access the Total Body Strength + Cardio Workouts log into The Hollywood Trainer Club  andfrom yourhome page click “Exercise” then “Virtual Gym” click on the image and the video player will open. 

After you do this workout, definitely leave a message in our Community Corner because we LOVE reading all of your feedback and comments. We will also definitely be adding more new workouts so you can always leave your requests and suggestions on our Community Corner! The Hollywood Trainer Club

Screenshot of the Virtual Gym: 

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