Do you want to get a tight tush?

Transform your back side by doing these booty specific exercises and following a healthy meal plan. These are the most effective exercises that I always include in a workout designed to tighten your tush:

Standing Exercises 1-2 sets, 15-25 reps
1)      Single Leg Squats – bodyweight
2)      Reverse Lunges- 3lb-8lb dumbbells
3)      Squats- 5lb-10lb dumbbells
4)      Side Kicks, Round House Kicks and Back Kicks
Floor Exercises 1-2 sets, 15-25 reps
1)      Back Kicks on all fours
2)      Fire Hydrant on all fours
3)      Shoulder bridge butt squeezes
4)      Single leg shoulder bridge butt squeezes
Cardio Exercises 20-45minutes
1)      Hiking or Treadmill Walking on an Incline of 5.0-10.0
2)      Climbing Stairs or  Stair climber Machine
3)      Ice Skating, Rollerblading or Skating Machine
4)      Jogging or  5 sets of  30-90second Sprint Intervals with 2-3minutes of recovery

Get more exercises from the “Butt & Thigh Blast” Workout DVD. It is specifically designed to tighten your tush and it has been hailed by many as their favorite workout.  You can get it here → BUTT & THIGH BLAST DVD 


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