Is it good to run everyday of the week?

No, it is not good to run everyday. Running everyday puts a lot of stress on your joints, bones and connective tissues. Most avid runners, suffer from shin splints, lower back pain, tight hip flexors, tight hamstrings, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain, tight muscles and foot disorders like plantar faciitis and bone spurs. Running is not the problem but doing the same activity over and over again is. Any activity repeated over and over will cause some sort of wear and tear on your body. It doesn’t matter if it is swimming, cycling, tennis, aerobic dance class, boxing, racquetball, or hiking. If you repeat the same movement everyday your body will suffer from some sort of overuse.

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2 thoughts on “Is it good to run everyday of the week?

  1. Hi Jeanette! I love this post. It does leave me with a question for you, though. I like to run almost everyday. Whether it’s a 5-6 mile run for my full workout or it’s 30 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the stair stepper, and a 1 mile run, I always like to get a little bit of a run in. Do you suggest that I stop working my leg muscles so much?

  2. As one of the worlds more popular indoor sports (around 14 million enthusiasts around the world and 10 million in the U.S.), racquetball owes much of its popularity to the simplicity of the game itself. The rules are easy to assimilate and implement, and the nature of the game itself is quite simple.

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