It’s important to vary a fitness routine with both high- and low-intensity exercises because both have benefits for fat burning, weight loss, and overall health. Low-intensity  workouts that gradually increase in intensity over time will help you build your aerobic base. When you build your aerobic base you become more efficient at using fat as a fuel source and you will be able to participate in high-intensity workouts without feeling nauseated or light-headed. High-intensity workouts help you increase  the amount of calories that you burn and will increase your metabolic rate, especially for the first two hours after your workout is complete. High-intensity workouts put a greater demand on your muscles, which will create a greater physical response. Both styles of workouts are important and both will help you burn fat, burn calories, and change you physique!

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  1. Hello Jeanette, I was looking over your videos and I am not sure as to which one to order. I want to lose weight, works on my abs, love handles, tone arms, shrink my thighs and buttocks! Do you ha e any DVD at the beginners level? I looked at the boot camp video but nOt sure. Please help !

    • Hello Margie,
      I suggest you get the Bikini Bootcamp DVD. If you stay committed and consistent you will see changes in all the areas that you mentioned.
      –Team Hollywood Trainer

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