Refueling Your Muscle Cells with Fat
During a circuit training workout which is medium to high intensity your muscles are using a combination of sugar and fat as a fuel source but predominantly sugar because of the intensity level. Of course we all want to burn fat so in order to maximize the amount of fat used to refuel your muscle cells, your blood sugar level and body chemistry has to be just right. You will refuel 50 to 60% of the calories you burned during your workout within the first two hours afterward. This means if you burned 600 calories of sugar from your muscle cells in your circuit training workout, then 300 to 360 calories will be refueled back into your muscle cells within the first two hours after your workout is over. Your goal is to burn off as much fat as possible so when the workout is over it is important to hydrate with water during the first two hours and not eat any simple carbohydrates like juices or fruits that your body would use to refuel. In order to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, you will want to eat a balanced meal – protein, healthy fats, and high-fiber carbohydrates. Remember your goal is to burn fat so you want to create the best environment in your body for that to happen!

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