You can only get healthy milk from a healthy cow!  Many women who are going through menopause are told by their physicians to be cautious with or possibly limit their intake of dairy products because of the hormones used on cows.  Choose organic milk that is taken from animals that have been grass fed and have had no added hormones.  Even better, you may want to choose real milk that is not pasteurized.  Pasteurization is a process to kill off all of the bacteria in milk. The problem is this process also kills off the abundant healthy bacteria.  Today there are better ways to ensure that our milk is free of disease-causing bacteria; one of which is for dairy farmers to treat their cows better and clean up their farming methods.  If you are interested in helping to send conventional dairy farmers a message and saying no to pasteurized milk, you can find out where to get real organic unpasteurized milk that contains its own natural healthy bacteria go to

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