Creating a Healthy Meal Plan

Tips on creating a Healthy Meal Plan
 You must understand that you are literally what you eat. All living cells in your body (skin, hair, internal organs, hormones, blood, muscle, connective tissue, bones, etc.) are made of the food that you eat. If you choose to eat junk food then be prepared to have a junk body.
When it comes to nutrition there’s not a one-size-fits-all plan. Some people are sensitive to gluten, so they have to choose their grains wisely while others have difficulty digesting meat and opt to go vegetarian. You’re all biogenetically-unique individuals and through education, listening to how your bodies feel after a meal and trial and error you will discover the healthiest meals for you.
Two nutrition suggestions I advise are:
1. Have three servings a day of green vegetables, which have proven to be the greatest healers. They are alkaline at the top of the acid/alkaline Ph scale, loaded with phytonutrients that strengthen your immune system, helping you fight off disease.
2. Moderation. For 80 percent of the time, eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean cuts of meat that have not been processed, and 20 percent of the time eat whatever you like.
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