High Intensity Doesn’t Mean High Impact

High Intensity Doesn’t Mean High Impact
High intensity is a term used to describe a workout that is very challenging.  A high intensity workout will push you to your limits and you will be working at a heart rate above 75% of your max for most of the session.
High impact describes the amount of stress a workout will put on your joints. High impact activities are those that have you jumping or taking both feet off of the ground at the same time, things like running, jumping jacks, jump squats, jump lunges, tennis, basketball, running stairs, sprinting, some dance moves, some kick boxing moves, some aerobic dance moves.  It is not safe for someone who is overweight to participate in high impact activities, but this doesn’t mean that overweight people can’t get a great workout.  There are many types of workouts that are high intensity but low impact, such as swimming or cycling. So don’t confuse intensity with impact.  If you are very overweight it is best to decrease your body weight and strengthen your joints with low impact activities and strength training before moving into the high impact exercises.
Always exercise smart. You don’t have to jump up and down to get an effective workout. You have the power to control the impact and intensity of your workouts so you are getting the best results for you!
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