There are many reasons I advocate integrating resistance (or strength) training that effectively improves your muscular strength and muscular endurance, but the key three are:
1. Resistance training will help you burn more body fat. The muscle cell is the site in the body where your body fat is burned off as fuel. The more actively you train and develop your muscles, the more fuel they will need. The more fuel they need, the more fat and sugar they will draw from the store in your body, leaving less to settle in around your waistline! Strength training thus boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories even when you are at rest.
2. Strength training is important to avoid injury and reduce stress on the body. It is essential for your long-term, overall health to fortify the muscles, bones, and connective tissues that form the infrastructure of your body. Every great athlete knows the importance of training their bodies so they are resilient enough to endure the stresses of their sport. Your body needs the same kind of preventative care. Whether you power walk, jog, cycle, step, hike, or simply run around with the kids, any cardio exercise that you are doing will put repetitive stress on your joints and bones — particulary your knees, ankles, and feet — and your lower back. The more weight you carry, the more stress you are putting on your body. If you take care to strengthen your body’s framework, you will reduce your susceptibility to injury, as well as to serious problems like osteoporosis and arthritis.
3. Last but certainly not least, resistance training is the only way you’re going to get that beautiful, sexy, toned look. By adding tension to your muscles, you can achieve the sculpted lines in your legs, butt, abs, and arms that you know you want.
Not sure how or where to start? I recommend getting the “Hollywood Trainer Weight Loss Plan“. The book comes with 4 workouts on DVD and over 80 healthy recipes. To make sure you achieve those beautiful sculpted lines, total body resistance training (muscular strength and muscular endurance) with dumbbells and calisthenics is integrated into the “Chest, Tri’s and Booty Circuit”, “Back, Bi’s, and Thighs Circuit”, and “Core Workout”. It’s time to get the body you want and deserve!!
–Team Hollywood Trainer

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