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Let’s go! Today is the first day of our 10 DAY AB BLAST challenge! Everything you need is in The Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com! Join us, it’s time to blast the belly fat!
Print out the 10 Day Workout Calendar. All of these workouts are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. Just click Exercises and then Virtual Gym. Once you are in the Virtual Gym select “10 Day Ab Blast” and all the workouts will appear. The sooner you get started the sooner you will start seeing results!

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Get the FULL RECIPE for this Halibut with Mango Salsa dinner in The Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com. Halibut is a cold-water fish that is packed with healthy fish oils and protein. It is a bit denser than some of the other fish so you will definitely feel satisfied when you are finished eating. The mango salsa can be served with chicken, salmon, trout, sole, or turkey.

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