30 Day AB BLAST Challenge

Our new 30 DAY AB BLAST challenge starts this Monday, April 18th in The Club! www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com Grab a friend and join us! You can do it!
We want everyone to be inspired and motivated to work on their core so we created a 30Day AB BLAST Daily Workout Calendar and a 30Day AB BLAST Daily Ab Challenge Calendar.  Everyone can do our daily Ab Challenge because we will be posting them on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and they only take 2-3minutes! If you want to take this 30Day AB BLAST Challenge to the next level and maximize your results then join The Hollywood Trainer Club  then click on “Exercise” then “Virtual Gym” and then “30Day AB BLAST Challenge” in the drop down menu and preview full workouts! These workouts range from 10 to 75mins and they are guaranteed to deliver results! I’ll be doing the workouts with you! There are 5 workouts per week so you can do all 5 in a row or plan them in your week to fit your schedule!
30DAY AB BLAST DailyWorkout.001
Here’s the breakdown:
Week 1 FIRE UP ABS: The goal is to get you to focus on engaging the core. We will review the muscles of the core, rectus abdominus (the six pack), internal and external obliques, serratus anterior, transverse abdominus (the deep muscle that act as a corset pulling in your low belly and supporting your lower back), erector spinae muscles (muscles which line the spine) and lumbar muscles (muscles of the lower back). We will also focus on all the movements of the core, flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. The goal is to make sure you know how to engage all of the core muscles so you feel them working through all of the planes of motion. You would be surprised how often people think they are doing core exercises and they do not feel their core working at all because they are not properly engaging their core muscles.
Week 2 AB SMASH: Now that you’ve learned the movements and muscle groups of the core and you FEEL them working it’s time to INCREASE THE INTENSITY so that you get more results!
Week 3 CARDIO ABS: You can’t get those lean sexy abs without burning off the layer of fat that might be on top of them. The only way to burn body fat is by having a calorie negative at the end of the day so adding cardio to your program and healthy eating in proper portion sizes will help you maximize your calorie burn. We need more calories going out and less calories coming in to maximize your fat burning. The goal is to have a calorie negative of -500 to -1000 by the end of the day so you can burn 1-2lbs per week. All the workouts this week will incorporate cardio to help you increase your calorie burn so you can maximize your fat burning! We will also be giving you nutrition tips to keep you on track and don’t forget your healthy meal plans and healthy recipes are already in The Hollywood Trainer Club just click on “Meals” and “Meal Calendar” to schedule your healthy meals for the week! Proper meal planning is always a win!
Week 4 BLAST THE BELLY FAT: Yes it’s time to take it up another level and add both Strength Training and Ball Exercises to your weekly workouts to maximize your belly fat burning results! The combination of Core Focused Ball Exercises, Cardio and Strength Training will increase your calorie burn while focusing on the core/abdominal muscles. By taking away the stability of the floor and performing your abdominal/core exercises on the unstable exercise ball your ab/core muscles will work harder and you will recruit and fire more muscle fibers!
Week 5 POWER ABS: The core has both fast twitch and slow twitch muscles fibers. Power Abs is all about recruiting the fast twitch muscle fibers with power moves to help you maximize your fat burning and give you a stronger more functional core. A strong, flexible & functional core will also decrease your risk of injury while enjoying your other sports & daily activities.
Week 6 ULTIMATE 6-PACK: It’s time to take everything we have learned and increase the FUN FACTOR!
All of the workouts, healthy recipe guidelines and AB BLAST fat burning tips will be posted in the “Motivation” and “News” sections. The best way to achieve your goals is to make a plan and we’ve already done all the planning for you so lets go! It’s time to blast the belly fat and reveal those amazing abs! Post a message on the Community wall in the club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com and let us know that you’re joining us! Click on “Exercise” and then “Virtual Gym” and then “30Day Ab Blast” in the drop down menu and Press Play on Day1! Let’s Go!
This is the “Daily Ab Challenge Calendar” below! We will be posting these quick exercises daily on Instagram & Facebook to keep you motivated and remind you to complete your Daily Workout!

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