Choose An Active Office For Your Active Life with Varidesk

I’ve teamed up with VARIDESK because I absolutely love the ability to turn your office into an active office. I enjoy having the option to stand at my desk for part of my work day so I can work on my postural muscles and stretch my hips and lower back.
If you already have an active lifestyle outside the office you don’t have to stop when the workday starts. VARIDESK standing desk solutions let you enjoy the benefits of more movement at work, too. Sitting for half the day and standing for half the day is great way to:

1. Increase your calorie output per day/per week/ per year.

On average, you can burn an extra 130 calories per 8 hour workday by replacing 4 hours of sitting with 4 hours of standing. That’s equivalent to running a 10K every week, or 11 marathons in a year.  

An object in motion wants to stay in motion. An object at rest wants to stay at rest. But major medical research has demonstrated that if the human body stays at rest too often, it may lead to serious health risks.

2. Make your workout count.

The Mayo Clinic found that for every 2 hours you sit, you could negate 20 minutes of your morning workout. This can be countered by replacing sitting time with standing time throughout the day. For more info:

3. Decrease the risk of overuse injuries from sitting for long hours.

Sitting all day can lead to a list of problems including increased risk of overuse injuries like shortened hip flexors and hamstrings, tightness in the lower back, slower metabolism, and increased risk of illness, just to name a few.

4. VARIDESK reminds you to be active & healthy.

The desk is a physical & mental reminder for you to make healthy choices like:
-Having water and healthy snacks at your desk. 
-Get up and walk while you’re on the phone (use a headset)
-Put your trash can away from your desk to make sure you get up
-Set calendar reminders to get up and move
-Use a wearable and see how much you’re moving

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