10 Day Holiday Challenge & 5 Healthy Holiday Tips

The holidays are here and it’s time to see the people you love and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year. Staying active through the holidays will increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system putting you at less risk of getting sick and give you a boost of endorphins so you feel less stressed and full of joy. Fa la la la la!
To help you stay active through the holidays we have created the “10 Day Holiday Challenge”! We’ve provided you with 10 Days of workouts and healthy meals to keep you on track. If you’re short on time you can always do 10 to 20mins of the challenge and you will still experience amazing benefits! Encourage a friend, cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling or children to join you! The more the merrier! Ho! Ho! Ho!
This “10 Day Holiday Challenge” will begin Monday, December 11th! All of these workouts and meals are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. Just login or join the club, click on Exercise,then Virtual Gym and get started! Let the fun begin!

1. Make the choice to see the positive in every situation this holiday. Don’t stress over the small stuff. If you look for the bad you will have a bad experience. If you look for the good you will have a good experience. The choice is yours but Santa’s Elves and Jeanette’s Merry Fitness Team encourage you to look for the good!
2. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before your meal. We tend to eat larger portion sizes when dehydrated.
3. If you’re going out for drinks, order water or iced tea for the first round. By the time you finish, your friends may have already finished two or three cocktails, while you’ve saved yourself 500 to 600 calories. And sometimes you’ll be so into the entertainment of everyone else, you might not even want a drink by then!
4. Make it a family affair. Get active with your family members by doing a fun workout together like Cardio Kickboxing or a fun activity like ice skating or even just a walk around the neighborhood.
5. Eat your veggies first. Don’t dive right into carbs! Start with a green salad followed by protein, and then go for another vegetable. Save a treat-size portion of carbohydrates for last. When you have stuffing or mac ‘n’ cheese, have a half cup or full cup — no more.

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