10 New Audio Workouts with Aaptiv

New Workouts!!!!!!! I’m so excited to share my new collection of “Audio Workouts” on Aaptiv designed to sculpt your body head to toe & give you a boost of energy! I have personally selected every heart pumping song that is on every workout to motivate you through each workout combined with 25+ years of experienced motivational coaching & exercise form cues! 10 new workouts using various methods of training:

  • 80’s & 90’s Hip Hop Abs
  • 80’s & 90’s Hip Hop Tread-N-Shed
  • Total Body HIIT/CardioSculpt
  • Interval Hills & Arms & Abs
  • Butt & Thigh Blast
  • Upper Body Blast
  • Total Body HIIT
  • PowerYoga
  • Run, Row & Abs
  • 500 Calorie Burning Workout

Let’s get you re-energized and have you feeling incredible! Let’s goooooooo!

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“For more than 28 years, she’s trained everyone from A-list celebrities to professional athletes to moms, homemakers, and busy professionals. Now Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins will train you with 10 audio classes from Aaptiv! In her uplifting, relatable style, she’ll guide you through energizing HIIT, cardio, strength and yoga workouts for every level.”

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