Join Jeanette in HOUSTON for NBMBAA’s 41st Annual Conference! 

Hey HOUSTON and Business Family! Join me September 24th -28th at the NBMBAA’s 41st Annual ConferenceClick HERE to register. All classes, workshops & panels are for attendees only. I will be teaching classes & moderating a panel! 

1. Thursday, September 26th 7am
Fitting In Fitness: Anytime Anywhere Total Body Workout with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins sponsored by Johnson & Johnson 
Location: Hilton Ballroom of the Americas BC 

2. Friday, September 27th 7am
Fitting In Fitness: Yoga for Everyone with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins 
Location: Hilton Ballroom of the Americas BC 

3. Friday, September 27th 2:15pm to 3:15pm
Panel Discussion: Wellness in the Workplace moderated by Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins with Justin Michael Williams & Marion Brooks sponsored by Johnson & Johnson 
Location: Room 320A 
Looking forward to meeting everyone in Houston & enjoying this incredible conference! Register Today! 

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