30Day Ab Blast Challenge: Week 5 (Day 21 to Day 25)

It’s Week 5 of our 30DAY AB BLAST CHALLENGE in The Hollywood Trainer Club! It’s never too late to join us. Week 5 POWER ABS: The core has both fast twitch and slow twitch muscles fibers. Power Abs is all about recruiting the fast twitch muscle fibers with power moves to help you maximize your fat burning and give you a stronger more functional core. A strong, flexible & functional core will also decrease your risk of injury while enjoying your other sports & daily activities. 
To do the Daily Workouts CLICK HERE or log into The Club, click on ExerciseVirtual Gym and then click on 30 Day Ab Blast Challenge. All 30Days of Workouts are in the Virtual Gym and you can start at anytime so it’s never too late to join us! You can play all 30Days of workouts for the Ab Blast Challenge from your phone or computer so no excuses!  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will start blasting the fat off that belly!
And don’t forget to post a message on the Community wall in the club to let us know that you’re joining us!
Of course you must also eat healthy to blast the fat off of your belly! Login to the club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com and click on “Meals” for your weekly and daily “Healthy Meal Plan” and “Healthy Recipes” designed to help you burn fat and fill your body with nutrients! Try our delicious recipe of the day below “Cinnamon Berry French Toast” it’s low calorie, packed with nutrients and delicious!
Try this delicious Cinnamon Berry French Toast recipe! Get the full recipe in The Hollywood Trainer Club! French toast can be healthy. Just substitute whole wheat bread for the usual white bread, add some extra egg whites to pump up the protein, and top with mixed berries instead of syrup. If you just can’t live without the maple syrup, then use just a couple of tablespoons. (One tablespoon of pure maple syrup is 52 calories.) I recommend real maple syrup over the sugar-free variety because the artificial sweeteners contain chemicals that may contribute to other long-term side effects. For more healthy recipes log into the club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com click Meals then Recipes A-Z.

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