Creating a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction you make that becomes true simply by virtue of the fact that you believe it — and keep believing it — until it happens.  The person who says, “I never win anything,” never does win anything. The person who expects never to find a good relationship ends up alone because she’s too busy feeling negative about relationships.  Now is the time to believe in you.  There is power in thought and word. And it’s time to release the expression of your self-fulfilling prophecies into the universe so that they will become a part of your reality.  I want you to say right now, out loud, “I am going to change my life, my body, my mind and my soul by adopting healthy habits.  I can do it!  Watch me flourish, watch me succeed, this is going to happen!”  I want you to say the words, “I can do it!” at least ten times a day from now on.  It may sound too trite, but trust me, if you keep saying it, it will become true.
Next I want you to write the statement, “I can do it!” on ten post-its or small pieces of paper — and feel free to add any encouraging words of your own.  Put one of these notes on the fridge door, on the dashboard of your car if you have one, on your night stand, by your mirror, in your wallet, in your journal, in your bible or other spiritual book, on the back of your cell phone or PDA, in your top drawer at work, and anywhere else you’ll see it. These words of encouragement will remind you throughout your day that you are going to reach your goals.
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