The Sexy For Summer Workout Calendar

sexy 4 summer calendar.002
The “Sexy 4 Summer Challenge” workout calendar will give you a little motivation to help you go hard for the next 6 weeks!  All of the workouts are available as downloads and DVDs at If you don’t have all the DVDs or downloads that’s ok, you can substitute any of the workouts! For example you can substitute the Power Yoga, Bikini Bootcamp with a total body sculpting workout,  with your favorite yoga class, the Cardio Kickboxing with a kickboxing workout, and Blast the Belly Fat with your favorite total body sculpt workout with a ball.
Stay committed and consistent with your workouts and you will achieve your goals! You can do it!
Purchase the Sexy Abs 3Pack workout, the Cardio Kickboxing workout, and the Blast the Belly Fat workout to get started with the challenge.
Tell Jeanette and Team Hollywood Trainer about your progress with this 6 week challenge by commenting below, talking to Jeanette on Twitter or sharing your journey with us on Facebook.
–Team Hollywood Trainer

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