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The Sexy For Summer Workout Calendar

The “Sexy 4 Summer Challenge” workout calendar will give you a little motivation to help you go hard for the next 6 weeks!  All of the workouts are available as downloads and DVDs at www.thehollywoodtrainer.com/shop. If you don’t have all the DVDs or downloads that’s ok, you can substitute any of the workouts! For example […]

THE SEXY ABS BOOTCAMP Workout Calendar!!

Here is a 5-Week workout calendar to go with the SEXY ABS BOOTCAMP 3PACK!!! You can save this image, print it out, or email us at customerservice@thehollywoodtrainer.com and we will send you the calendar. Enjoy your workouts!! If you haven’t gotten the 3Pack yet then click the link for the DVDs or downloads.CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOADS    […]

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