5 Office Workouts Sit-Stand Varidesk

I absolutely love the ability to turn your office into an active workplace. It’s so great to have the option to stand at your desk for part of the work day so you can work on your postural muscles and stretch your hips and lower back. If you already have an active lifestyle outside the office you don’t have to stop when the workday starts.

VARIDESK standing desk solutions let you enjoy the benefits of more movement at work!

I have created 5 Office Workouts that you can do before work, on a movement break, at lunch or at the end of your work day. Press play on the videos below and give them a try:

  1. 7 Ab Exercises
  2. 9 Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain
  3. 7 Postural Exercise
  4. 10min Workout
  5. 10 Yoga Poses for the Hips and Lower Back

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