We are in week 4 of our 30DAY AB CHALLENGE in The Hollywood Trainer Club! Yes it’s time to take it up a level to maximize your belly fat burning results! The combination of Core Focused Exercises, Cardio and Strength Training will increase your calorie burn while focusing on the core/abdominal muscles.
The purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to commit to 30 days of total body workouts with an extra emphasis on the abs! We have incorporated  Cardio, Sculpting, Exercise Ball, Pilates, Running, Sprint Intervals, Kickboxing, Yoga, Strength Training and Sports Drills to challenge your core for maximum results. By using various methods of training that use your abdominal muscles in all the planes of motion the body will be consistently challenged over the next 30 days to help you achieve incredible results. All of our workouts offer instruction for beginners to advance so everyone is welcome!
Screenshot of Week 4 of the 30 Day Ab Blast Challenge in the Virtual Gym

Our Next Live Workout for this 30Day Ab Blast Challenge is this ⁣
9am PT /12pmET/ 5pm London Time⁣
30min Precision Abs⁣

⁣You will need your Resistance Bands + Sliders for this Live workout on Saturday from our Home Workout Kits! ⁣
We have four new workouts that use our Home Workout Kit that you can do now in the club. Just login, click Exercise, then Virtual Gym and select Live Workouts.

1. 30min Slider Abs

2. 20min Lower Body. Blast ⁣

3. 60min Cardio Core HIIT with Bands⁣

4. 45min Metabolic Ab Smash⁣


Our Home Workout Kit has everything you need for an Effective Full Body home workout. You can get it in pink & purple or in primary colors. The kit includes 5 color coded resistance tube bands, 5 durable resistance loop bands, 2 double sided core sliders, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor. Our Home Workout Kit is lightweight, portable and easy to store. Just head over to The Hollywood Trainer Shop to get yours today

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