Our 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp Starts June 1st

Summer is just around the corner! Join us for our “30 Day Summer Body Bootcamp” in The Hollywood Trainer Club starting Tuesday June 1st! The goal of this bootcamp is to encourage you to be committed and consistent with your workouts and healthy eating and to give you everything you need so you can look greatfeel great and function at your best. All of the streaming workouts and healthy recipes for this bootcamp are inside the club and it’s only $19.99 a month. We would love to have you join us! Join or login to The Hollywood Trainer Club  click on Exercise, then Virtual Gym and get started! 

Every day that you choose to login to The Hollywood Trainer Club , press play and get your workout in your are doing incredible things for your body! Regular exercise is like your daily internal hygiene. It helps regulate your hormones, it gives you a boost of endorphins so you feel great, it helps bring fresh oxygen to all of your cells in your body to help rejuvenate your internal organsyour skin, your blood stream and your brain. Exercise increases the growth of new brain cells, it decreases your risk of illnesses from heart disease to cancer and exercise helps you improve in your overall strength and self confidence! Screenshot of the 30 Day Summer Body Bootcamp in the Virtual Gym

Log in and write a message on the Community Wall so we know you’re coming with us! Just join or login to The Hollywood Trainer Club click on Exercise, then Virtual Gym and get started! You can do it!  Our first Live Workout for this 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp is tomorrow ⁣ Tuesday June 1st 9am PT /12pmET/ 5pm London Time⁣ Kickboxing Bootcamp 3

We will be using our Home Workout Kits for this 30 Day Summer Body Bootcamp. Order yours today! We have new workouts that use our Home Workout Kit that you can do now in the club. Just login, click Exercise, then Virtual Gym and select Live Workouts.


Our Home Workout Kit has everything you need for an Effective Full Body home workout. You can get it in pink & purple or in primary colors. The kit includes 5 color coded resistance tube bands, 5 durable resistance loop bands, 2 double sided core sliders, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor. Our Home Workout Kit is lightweight, portable and easy to store. Just head over to The Hollywood Trainer Shop to get yours today


I’ve designed this Meal Calendar with some of our favorite healthy meals to help you burn fat and fill your body with quality nutrients! This healthy meal plan is low in sugar and balanced with protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fat to give your body the nutrients needed to function at your best, burn fat and feel great!  All of the recipes in this meal plan are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. To simplify your meal prepping process, start by just picking two or three of your favorite breakfast lunch and dinner meals to get you through the week. It’s perfectly fine to repeat your favorite meals two or three times in a week. Do what works for you but let’s keep it healthy. Post a message on the Community wall in the club and let us know that you’re joining us for the 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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