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Long, Lean, Flexible & Toned

  Every time you contract a muscle fiber you are shortening it. If your goal is to have long lean muscle fibers instead of short stalky muscle fibers, then you must balance contracting with lengthening. Yoga, Ballet, Pilates and Static Stretching all have movements that focus on lengthening the muscle fibers. Five minutes of stretching […]


Let’s start with this simple truth: if you want to lose fat, start feeling great, and function at your absolute best, you HAVE to choose to start eating healthier NOW. Your body requires nutrients– vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, water, light, and oxygen — in order to accomplish your goals. These nutrients are […]


It’s important to vary a fitness routine with both high- and low-intensity exercises because both have benefits for fat burning, weight loss, and overall health. Low-intensity  workouts that gradually increase in intensity over time will help you build your aerobic base. When you build your aerobic base you become more efficient at using fat as […]


  Team Hollywood Trainer is happy announce that Jeanette Jenkins will be at the Empower! Fusion Fitness Conference March 7-10 in Chicago. This is your opportunity to sweat with Jeanette in an incredible Cardio Kickboxing & mind-blowing Hollywood Trainer Bootcamp classes. In addition, Jeanette will also be offering a 4 hour intensive business workshop for fitness professionals […]

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